Who We Are

How we came to be:

In 2000, Alan Van Orden founded Naarden Financial Group in response to our clients’ needs to extend our services beyond our traditional CPA firm, Jordan & Company. We found our clients were searching for an advisory relationship that focused on them and was free of commissions and the annoying sales pitch. What emerged was an independent, fee-only advisory firm that focuses on offering unbiased financial advice as we act solely on what is in our clients’ best interest.

In 2022 we changed our assumed business name to Jordan Wealth Management to better show the affiliation between our CPA firm and our wealth management firm. 

What is Jordan Wealth Management?

Jordan Wealth Management is an independent, fee-only, registered investment advisory firm (RIA) established by CPA’s/trusted advisors with extensive experience in advising clients on investments, financial and tax planning, and wealth transfer issues. All our professional staff are CPAs that understand the “total picture” when it comes to our clients’ financial details. We promote a long-term approach, using low cost, passively managed investment vehicles.

Our plans are based on evidence and supported by academics – including Nobel Prize winning theories. As an RIA, we are required by law to apply a fiduciary standard to investing. A fiduciary standard requires that we act in the best of interest of our clients. This contrasts with the “suitability” standard adopted by many advisors.

Our goal is to help our clients focus on the big picture and avoid many of the mistakes so often made by individual investors and promoted by the financial media. We take time to understand what is important to each client so that we can create a customized plan based on the things that matter.